“Not just a week of fun, but a week that can change lives!”

Why camp with us?

Camp with us for an unforgettable experience that blends adventure, faith, and community. At Camp Rhino, we offer more than just a traditional camp; we provide a exciting journey where young hearts and minds learn truth while deepening their relationship with Christ. 

Here, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, campers embark on thrilling adventures, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge bonds that transcend the boundaries of a typical camp setting. With dedicated mentors, engaging activities, and a welcoming environment, Camp Rhino becomes a sanctuary where campers not only have fun but also develop essential life skills, nurture their faith, and create cherished memories that will resonate throughout their lives.”

SUMMER 24-45

Discover the excitement of Camp Rhino’s Youth Camps! Engage in dynamic Bible preaching, thrilling competitions, swimming, games, and boundless FUN. Join us for a week of building faith, fostering friendships, and making lasting memories!


December 12-14
Ages 9-12 | Cost: R 80


January 9-12
Ages 13-18 | Cost: R 100


At Camp Rhino, the excitement doesn’t end with summer! Experience our year-round camps held during fall, winter, and spring, and times coinciding with school holidays. Keep an eye on our schedule or follow us on social media for updates on upcoming camps throughout the year. Or click the button below to read about how you can schedule your own camp!